Tommy Jeans: the best of Americana?

Americana… if you ask us there’s always something magical about whatever happens on the other side of the ocean in the land of that dream. There’s so many subcultures we could talk about, that list is endless. 90s hip-hop is one of them and there are few brands which embody that scene more than Tommy Hilfiger. Remember Snoop performing on Saturday Night Live in 1992 with that brightly coloured red-white-and-blue Tommy sweater? The 90s saw all of hip-hop royalty drenched in the brand and that is partly the reason why it still is a household name in the business nowadays.

Tommy Hilfiger, and more importantly Tommy Jeans, always harkens back to that legacy and this season is no different. Looking at the collection, is there a way you don’t get flashbacks to an old Aaliyah video? We couldn’t book a flight to New York to shoot the collection in its natural habitat, so we made do with the streets of Düsseldorf. Squint and it sure looks like the Big Apple. Loud, big, red, white & blue, do we need to introduce this collection any further? Tommy Jeans at its finest.

Tommy Jeans

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