Mizuno x Highsnobiety Wave Rider 10

Mizuno joined forces with Highsnobiety to create another version of the Wave Rider 10. This design of this Wave Rider 10 is created together with Hikmet Sugoer, an OG in Berlin’s sneaker community.  The sneaker is partly see-through that is a mixture of translucent ripstop panels. Touches of red and blue are added to add coloured details to the white on this sneaker. The sneaker is decorated with Highsnobiety and Mizuno logos. The end-product is a minimalistic design that is experimental with textures and fabrics. 


The Mizuno Wave Rider 10 is a balance between embracing the past while using modern perspectives. The Japanese soul has always been on the base of this model that made its entrance in 2007. The upper is a mix of suede, mesh, and leather that is all layered up to create a creative yet minimalistic look. Mizuno using its expertise in running shoes, the Wave Rider 10 provides a very comfortable shoe.

The Mizuno x Highsnobiety Wave Rider 10

Will be available from the 14th of December at our terrace location 

and online.