Matchday S01E03 Munich

S01E03 is all about Munich. Home of the legendary Olympiastadion, BMW and the impenetrable fortress of Rekordmeister, Stern des Südens, FC Bayern München.

Our journey to Bavaria also takes us next to a little town called Herzogenaurach. With around 23.000 inhabitants it’s a small town, but so happens to be the birthplace of legendary football player Lothar Matthäus and off course adidas. Herzogenaurach still houses their HQ, a modest 52.000 square meter complex.


The Olympiastadion in Munich is a sight to behold. Just thinking about the sheer volume of momentous and historic events this sight has seen is mind boggling. Starting off, of course, with the single most significant moment in our nation’s footballing history: the 1988 European Championship win. You’re thinking about that goal from Marco van Basten right? That goal? It’s also home to one of our most heartbreaking moments: losing the 1974 World Championship final to our well-respected but sometimes-pain-in-the-behind German neighbours. Apart from football it’s also been the venue of practically every great modern musician or band in the world and the main stadium in the notorious 1972 Summer Olympics.

Our long term partner in these journeys, adidas, invited us to their HQ to deepen our search into what makes them tick. We were also able to speak with our good friend Maarten Warning, who is the Senior Product Manager for adidas Originals. A pleasure to dig deeper into one of the biggest sporting brands in the world.

As you would expect, there’s also a football match about to kick off. Bayern Munich taking on the once great Schalke 04, who have now sadly been relegated to the 2. Bundesliga. Bayern was well on their way to hoisting the Meisterschale for the 33rd time and was taking no prisoners that day. Schalke 04 was sent home with a crushing 6-0 defeat. And the Rekordmeister further solidified their record breaking numbers in the end, winning it all. But it had to go down to the very last 2 minutes of the season... showmen that they are.


Thank you very much to adidas for their efforts in enabling us to tell stories. And thank you very much to our long term partner De Maassche BMW Venlo for the opportunity to bring one of Bavaria’s most famous export products back to its roots: the BMW X5 xDrive45e. Next time we’re visiting the Bayerische Motoren Werke as well, promised.

Our staff carefully selected a look that matches the vibe of Munich and its surrounding area.