Marni SS'23

Always on the lookout for that lil’ sum’ sum’. The product which makes you feel all tingly inside and can’t wait to see shining in Terrace, Cottage or Gallery. That’s what our buyers are always scouring the fashion highways for. Fortunately, it’s a 6-lane road with exits left and right and for SS23, one of those exits ended up at Milan based Marni.

Italian menswear is a multi-headed beast: quintessential Italian tailoring, maximalist contemporary fashion, cutting edge innovative sportswear. The ‘odd one out’ is Marni. Does not fit in the tailoring box, nor is it very maximalist and strays away from sportswear’s quest for hyperfunctionality. What ís Marni though? It has not been one for meteoric rises: patience is the name of their game. Since their inception in 1994 their growth has been steady, controlled. Founder Consuelo Constiglioni and creative director Francesco Risso have always committed to the Marni aesthetic first, not seeking out to appease trend followers. Designing in a unique and timely manner has made Marni ultimately timeless.

The Marni approach to their design language has a few pillars: the Constiglioni family business was fur. While not dabbling with fur nowadays, the early years were filled with the use of tactile fabrics. They are no strangers to seeking out unique materials and using them in ways not seen before.

A  look at Marni’s archive and you get struck in the face with patterns. Blown up images, check prints, stripes in all sizes, houndstooth or floral, Marni is heaven for anyone allergic to mundane. Combining their rich use of motifs with an iconic relaxed silhouette, clothing is not necessarily meant to highlight the wearers body, but rather open the door for the wearers individualism.

And there we come full circle. What makes Marni an excellent Calico Club brand? Be who you want to be, wear what you want to wear. We appreciate the individual behind the person standing in front of us. Turns out Marni does as well.


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