Introducing Calico Club / cottage

At a time when the world feels unpredictable and retailers dial up the stimulation and Insta-worthy backdrops, Calico Club has taken cues from the Japanese zen masters to offer customers more than exclusive brands—but an environment to nourish creative flow. 

Working with international interior design and architecture firm Barde vanVoltt, the team transformed the 100-year-old farmhouse store into a tranquil space that you can appreciate even more when you see it up close and in person. The design philosophy is founded in contrast where Dutch heritage and Japanese tradition collide to form an unexpected expression.  

The all-new Calico Club rewards those who seek the best brands in a space unlike any other, in a village you would not think of immediately. An original retail experience that will transform you at first sight.  Calico Club’s new zen- inspired store creates calm in an unpredictable world. 

Worth a visit, come and say hi. 


Calico Club / cottage
Laar 8 
5388HE Nistelrode