Cottage favourites by Ruben | April

Every month one of our cottage staff members will pick their favourite pieces of the moment. This time Ruben Teulings with a selection for April.

Martine Rose Striped Shirt L/S

As that I didn’t own any white shirts, the striped shirt is a staple in my closet. For formal and informal occasions it’s always a great piece. And this one from Martine Rose is the best one yet. A light blue and cobalt blue combination with a neon yellow logo, perfection.


Marni Chino Shorts

The otherwise crazy pieces by Marni make now place for the perfect short. A good dark blue colorway with a creme shoelace belt makes this a allrounder for this summer. Looking forward to wear it with a tank top and short sleeved shirt.


Roa Hiking Boots

Roa Hiking, Italy’s new finest brand. The outdoor shoe made for the streets, all fashionista’s in Milano wear these nowadays for getting their morning espresso and croissant.
Great to wear with waterproof pieces like Arc’Teryx OR you switch it totally up and go for a wide jeans with a oversized shirt. You can go both ways with these.

Needles Hawaii Shirt

Take me to the tropics is the literal thing I want to do when I see this shirt. An not so much seen color with a pattern. I like really the vibe and it’s not like the average shirt sleeved shirts. Give me a Negroni and I’m gone to the beach!


Tenue. Penn Dallas

The kind of jeans that will give your Grandma a heart attack but you look stylish like hell’.
The classic Penn model bij Tenue. got an little upgrade with a little lighter wash and distressed spots. Good for all seasons and enjoy all year around.

Golden Goose Dadstar

Golden Goose, a recently new added brand at Calico Club. In the latest delivery one of the most iconic styles arrived; The Dad Star.
A unique twist on a otherwise chunky dad shoe, love it or hate it but the distressed look and feel is beautiful in my point of view.


New Arrivals